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Brewing Chai

Since 2001

There are many versions of chai throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the rest of the world. Here in the U.S., it has been adopted for a tea beverage brewed with spices and hot milk, better known as masala chai in India.

Since 2011 in a local restaurant, SoBro Cafe, small batches have been brewed that have been satisfying the senses of many with its unique blend of tea and spices. Bhota Chai is now also available in a convenient concentrate for you to share.

Our approach


Bhota Chai is inspired by the individuality, creativity and cultural heritage of chai from around the globe. From India to Egypt, only the most fresh and authentic ingredients make the cut.

To ensure those flavors remain as bold as they were created to be, we’ve made sure all of the ingredients in our Chai are free of artificial preservatives, flavors, colors and sweeteners. And they always will be.

Here at Bhota Chai we source fresh ingredients for each batch, insuring that we always provide the best product.

Finest Ingredients

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